Who Did Violet Poison in The Fourth Wing? How She Won Her Challenges

If you’re hungry for the next installment in The Empyrean series, you might need a refresher on who Violet poisoned in The Fourth Wing. The sequel, The Iron Wing by Rebecca Yarros, was released on November 7, 2023, and is highly anticipated by TikTok (or BookTok) for it’s thrilling sci-fi qualities and the steamy romance between the main character Violet Sorrengail and Xaden Riorson.

The book follows Violet in her journey to become a dragon rider at Basgiath War College. In preparation for The Iron Flame‘s release, Yarros talked to Today about the inspiration behind the book series. “So, I love dragons. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t — us fantasy girlies, right? I grew up reading a ton of fantasy. I knew my publisher was looking for romantasy in that new-adult line — and I love new adult, I think it’s such an unexplored genre. There are not a lot of books that deal with people in that period between adolescence and adulthood. I love that sweet spot. So knowing that I could definitely build it on a romance, I was in love with the forced proximity of the romance being between their dragons and not necessarily (the characters).”

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The Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Courtesy of Red Tower Books (Entangled Publishing)
Courtesy of Red Tower Books (Entangled Publishing)

The Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

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She then went on to talk about the heroine’s decisions in the book. “Everybody loves a morally gray hero, so I definitely had to have that one. And because I majored in history in college, it was really, really fun to explore those themes of who would get to write down our history and what would happen, perhaps, if the history we were educated on is not accurate.”

Fans of the series are excited about the direction of the overall plot, with Yarros revealing that she’s releasing five books in total. “The books are fully potted for five books,” she told the site. “The whole series is plotted out and arced and all of that. And I think it really deals with the theme of history: Who’s allowed to tell our history, and what happens when only people in power are the ones who record our history.”

So who did Violet poison in The Fourth Wing? Read more to revisit the New Adult novel.

Who does Violet poison in The Fourth Wing?

Who does Violet poison in The Fourth Wing? Violet poisons a total of five opponents. As a volunteer preparing the breakfasts, she has the upper hand in using her knowledge of poisoned plants to serve her opponents. Her first opponent Oren Seifert is poisoned by Fonilee Berries in his scrambled eggs, which cause imbalance and severe nausea. Her second opponent is poisoned by Leighorrel mushrooms which make it difficult to concentrate. The third opponent is poisoned by Zihna root which causes a person to lose feeling in their limbs. Tarsilla leaves were put in her opponent’s tea and caused blurry vision while Carmine tree bark caused severe nausea. Walwyn fruit peels caused an imbalance to one of her opponents as well.

However, when one of her opponents became ill before the match, she was forced to battle it out with Xaden. He then teaches her how to fight with her body type and leads down a series of events where their dragons are linked together and further embroil themselves into romance.

In the book, Violet is described to be small and is prone to more injuries due to her chronic illness. Yarros opened up about the connection with her character. “Her chronic illness is mine, look at it that way. I have Ehlers Danlos, and my sons do too,” the author told Today. “So it was important to me when I brought the project to my editor, I said, “I would like to include this in there.” And we had a big talk about how representation works, especially because EDS has 13 subtypes. So we wanted to make sure that everyone felt represented. … I knew it’d be relatable because it’s her wits that make (Violet) strong — but I think what surprised me was the number of readers that came to me and said, “Thank you. I feel represented.””

The Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros

The Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros

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