Did TikTok Witches Really Hex the Moon, and More Importantly, Should We Be Worried?

Erika W. Smith
Photo credit: Getty/Katie Buckleitner
Photo credit: Getty/Katie Buckleitner

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As if 2020 weren’t bad enough, we may now be in a fight with the Moon. According to a viral Twitter thread and numerous TikTok response videos, a group of TikTok witches hexed the Moon and potentially angered some deities.

As Twitter user @HeyAdoraa put it in a thread posted on Sunday, a group of “FRESH baby witches” who “specifically stemmed from witch Tiktok, ‘witchtok,’” hexed the Moon, and now they’re planning on hexing the Sun. And apparently, gods including Apollo, Greek god of the Sun, are pissed—they’re not accepting offerings and candles won’t light for them. According to @HeyAdoraa, while the hexers can expect a lifelong curse on themselves and their bloodline, the rest of us should be worried, too, because Apollo is the god of health and medicine, and we are in the midst of a pandemic.

I reached out to @HeyAdoraa for further information, but they didn’t respond. However, I did hear back from a Twitter user who says he hexed the Moon. He goes by Stubbs (aka @RodneyStubbs), and he says he worked alone (and isn’t a “baby witch”).

“A lot of people were saying it couldn’t be done, so I tried to do it and it worked,” Stubbs tells Cosmopolitan via DM. He says he lit black candles, used string and photos to bind the Moon, and focused his energy at the Moon via a telescope. “Then I just recited a spell over and over until the Moon got visibly dimmer,” he says. “The next day, people started going crazy talking about the Moon being hexed, which I hadn’t told anyone about yet, so I knew it must have worked.” He adds, “[Hexing the] Moon was like blowing up Alderaan in Star Wars.” And like Alderaan, the Moon was just a test—next up, he plans to hex the Sun.

So, um, how worried should we be? I reached out to some practicing witches to find out.

“First of all, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in a long time. When I saw this thread pop up on my Twitter feed, I initially thought that this was a video game or something from a movie. However, scrolling the comments, people were actually taking it seriously, so I applaud the creators of this rumor for trolling TF out of the entire online witch community,” Bri Luna, founder of The Hoodwitch, tells Cosmopolitan. “No, you can’t ‘hex the moon’ nor any celestial body, for that matter, and why would you want to? Why hex the cosmos when you can hex white supremacy? Hex patriarchy? Hex the global leaders that continue to uphold corrupt and injustice systems of power?”

Sarah Potter, a witch and psychic medium, agrees. “To my knowledge, it is not possible to hex the Moon,” she says. However, she adds that hexing the Moon could be dangerous—to the hexers. “Hexing is powerful and should not be taken lightly,” she says. “In witchcraft, when we do spells and energy work, we must be mindful of the energy we are interacting with. Whatever you are putting out, you will get back, so basically, whatever you think you are doing when you are ‘hexing the moon,’ I would not want to play with that fire. They will probably be very sorry.”

This whole hubbub is a rumor that got taken too far, Gabriela Herstik, author of Bewitching the Elements, says. Although “no witch is strong enough to hex the Moon and that’s just fact,” she explains, “personally, I don’t think this ‘joke’ is funny, because it feels like bad taste to joke about one of the most important energy sources for the witch.” The Moon is 4.5 billion years old and has been worshipped for thousands of years, she says. “Every single person to have ever lived has gazed at the same Moon, and while she is her own energetic body, she has also become a living energy or egregore thanks to all those who revere, honor, and call upon her power. To think any person, or even group of people, could hex the Moon—the embodiment of the Divine Feminine herself—is just silly.”

However, since there is a New Moon today, Herstik adds, why not show it some love? “Simply leaving an offering of honey, roses, or fresh water for the Moon or giving her thanks is an act of compassion that she would most definitely appreciate, especially with all this confusing press.”

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