Did Racial Tension Provoke This Bar Fight Between NFL QB Vince Young and Other Patrons? If You Have to Ask ...

Photo: Ronald Martinez (Getty Images)
Photo: Ronald Martinez (Getty Images)
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Vince Young has gone from scoring touchdowns in front of thousands of fans to getting sucker punched in bar fights.

On Tuesday, a video obtained by TMZ, appeared to show the former NFL QB getting knocked unconscious while at a Tokyo Joe’s Shot Bar in Houston, Texas. Although the footage was just released, the incident allegedly occurred over a month ago on Feb. 4.

In the 90-second video, Young and a group of other men in the bar get into a heated argument. For a short while, Young simply looks to be talking to the group of men until he is seen pushing them.

The group of men then push the former NFL QB to the other side of the bar where punches start to get thrown. Then, as Young starts to relax, one of the men hits Young clean in the chin, and he immediately falls to the ground.

Watch the incident below:

Houston police were called to the scene by the bar owner, who claimed that he was hit by a drink and an elbow during the ruckus. He alleged that the confrontation started over a discussion about race. It’s not clear whether any racial epithets were said toward Young or anyone else in the bar.

According to TMZ, the incident turned physical once the bar owner told everyone to leave.

No arrests were made at the scene.

If you’re unaware of who Young is as a football player, he was the star quarterback at the University of Texas. He legendarily beat the undefeated USC Trojans in the 2006 BCS National Championship at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. It’s considered to be one of the greatest college football games in history.

Young entered the 2006 NFL draft and was selected by the Tennessee Titans with the third overall pick. His first season on the team was a success, winning offensive rookie of the year.

Other than that, the rest of his professional career was tumultuous. After his rookie season, Young was in the league for five more years and played his last season at age 28 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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