Did CarGurus Just Give Us the Gayest Commercial of 2021?


A recent advertisement from CarGurus is being hailed by some as the gayest commercial of the year!

Regardless of its place in the Gay Commercial Hall of Fame™, the 30-second ad —entitled "We Need Space" — thankfully places a cute, male, gay couple in a situation that normalizes their relationship through humor, and it's the kind of casual, everyday representation we love to see!

In the commercial, one gay man is shopping for cars online when he declares his need to "move on" and get "more space" for his gear (he's obviously an outdoor enthusiast, and thus, has a lot of stuff to haul around). A tale as old as time, his partner misunderstands his wording and thinks he is about to get dumped.

"This is never going to work," the first man says while looking at his outdoor gear spread out across his living room. "We’ve gotta move on."

"Move on?" asked the worried second man. "You’re breaking up with me? Not in spandex, you’re not."

"Whoah, whoah. He’s just shopping for a bigger SUV on CarGurus," says a young man emerging from the back of an SUV that had just backed into the men’s living room.

"Oh, yeah, right. Who’s he?" the second man incredulously asks his boyfriend.

The SUV man in the hat goes on to explain how CarGurus takes the user's information to match them with the perfect car — or in this case an SUV with more trunk space.

"Wait a minute. You need space?" asks the second man, fearful of losing his boyfriend.

"Trunk space," the first man explains.

"Oh, that space," the second man exhales thankfully.

"Come here," says the first man. "Give me a hug."

The second man then gives a thumbs-up as he whispers a "thank you" to the man from the SUV.

LGBTQ+ representation and affirmation have been growing in advertising as of late. Last year, a TV ad in Poland made history as it showed two men in a moment of intimacy together.

And earlier this year, personal lubricant brand Boy Butter ran a 30-second TV commercial during ESPN’s coverage of UFC Fight Nights on Saturday.

“Freedom to me means fearlessness,” a voiceover says as the two bulging, hunky heartthrobs have some wet fun in the waters of Malibu. “It means expressing myself authentically and loving however I choose.”

Boy Butter’s 2020 TV commercial starred a shirtless Facundo Rodriguez churning up a batch of butter on the beaches of Fire Island, and also caused quite the stir.

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