Did Beyoncé Steal This Serbian Pop Star’s Style?


Photo: beyonce/Instagram

You might remember Jelena Karleuša, the Serbian pop star who, in March, accused a newly platinum Kim Kardashian of ripping off her look. The side-by-sides Karleuša posted on Instagram, to help prove her point, really were uncanny. In some of the photos, it was tough to tell who was who—even for the discerning Keeping Up with the Kardashians viewer.

Now, Karleuša is calling another insanely famous American lady a copycat: Beyoncé.

Following Bey’s super sparkly Givenchy naked dress moment at the Met gala Monday night, Karleuša turned, again, to Instagram to share a composite image comparing three photos of herself with Mrs. Carter. Sure enough, there were similarities: One, dated 2012, shows Karleuša twirling her high-up ponytail while wearing a sheer and sparkly getup—just like Beyoncé did at the Met. Another shows the Serbian performing in a harlequin-printed bodysuit that’s remarkably similar to one of Beyoncé’s. A third depicts Karleuša in a red cutout bathing suit of sorts; Beyoncé’s wearing one, too.


Photo: karleusastar/Instagram

Karleuša captioned the ‘gram, “It’s called ORIGINALITY. You should try it sometime.” BURN.

So, does her claim against Bey (or rather, Bey’s stylist) hold any legitimacy? It’s impossible to know for sure, since it’s not like Beyonce’s team has stepped forward and admitted anything—but in this case, we’re going to go with nah.

For starters, Karleuša’s glittery outfit was actually a bodysuit, not a dress—so that’s strike one. Second, though very similar, performers donning black and white diamond prints is nothing new. Both Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus have worn variations of the pattern. And lastly, well… I’m not even commenting on the swimsuit. It’s just not worth it.

The Kim K. style-jacking accusations were one thing, sure. But this is another. I’m calling Beyoncé innocent. But what do you think? Does Karleuša have a point, or is she just starting beef for the publicity? Tell us in the comments!

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