I Did a 7-Day Heatless Hair Challenge, and It Made Me Like My Wavy Hair More

Heat styling my hair isn't my number-one beauty priority - in fact, I usually don't reach for the curling iron unless it's a special occasion or I'm having a really bad hair day. But that's not to say that I'm a master at air-drying my hair, either.

I have very fine hair that tends to dry somewhere between wavy and straight, but it really depends on the day. Even when my hair does dry into effortless waves, that can change the second I go to sleep and lay on it wrong. So, I decided to use this time at home as any beauty editor would: to try a seven day air-drying experiment. For a week, I let my hair do its thing without the help of a curling rod, but that wasn't the hard part - avoiding putting my hair up in a ponytail or messy bun was. (A quick updo is usually my way to mask an unruly hair day.)

I didn't go into this experiment without a little prep work. I stocked up on top-rated air-drying hair-care products and made sure I had a few headbands on hand.