Dianna Agron: I’d Go Bald For The Right Role


Glee Star Dianna Agron talks life after Glee and her newest film Tumbledown. (Photo: Getty Images)

In March, Glee, wrapped its final season where Dianna Agron playing Quinn Fabray led her girl gang while sporting a high ponytail and breaking out into song. Since the last episode, Agron has graduated onto other projects. Her film Tumbledown is set for February release, and she stars alongside big names like Jason Sudeikis, Joe Manganiello and Blythe Danner. Life after Glee is treating the 29-year-old pretty well. “I feel very lucky that everything’s kind of shifting for me,” says Agron about work. “It’s not about the immediacy of ‘You need to be in all studio films.’ It’s more about the journey as an artist, and expressing, and portraying characters that I’ve never portrayed before. That is very freeing.”

Other liberating milestones the Georgia-born performer is looking forward to? Getting older, while not shying away from beauty-related experiences (apparently she used to be a lot more bashful).

How do you feel about celebrating your 30th birthday next year? 

I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Everything’s great. I’m very in love. I don’t care! I’m very happy with my friends, and my family, and my life, and everything. Whatever happens, happens. My whole life is getting easier [as time goes on]. I’m consistently surprised and overwhelmed by the fact that I get to do what I love to do.

As a singer and an actress, do you have any pre-show or pre-taping beauty rituals?

Hydrating is the best thing, because that’s what makes your skin awake and happy. Other than that, there isn’t a judicious experience. Now, what I’ve realized is, it’s about customizing. If you’re dry, deal with that. If you’re broken out, deal with that. If you’ve sunburned your cheeks, deal with that. Everything has to be on-the-go and of the now rather than “this is what I do year-round.” Year-round doesn’t exist anymore.

What treatments do you love right now?

The things that I’m obsessed with are hydrating, especially because I travel a lot. We’re so dehydrated. The Dr. Jart+ hydrating masks are my favorite. When you use them, you’re skin is smoother and more hydrated than it’s ever been.

Are there any beauty-related things you’d never try?

No, no, no. I’m very unafraid to do anything. I’ve had my hair red, brown, pink, short, long – whatever. I’d go bald for the right role.

Your dad worked in the hotel business for years. Did you ever sneak into them for fun?

I had to be on very good behavior. I think because we lived in hotels, I didn’t want to press the boundaries or anything like that, so I was a really good kid. I wasn’t sneaking into anything!

Having been on People magazine’s most beautiful list, what makes you feel beautiful?

Getting older. Feeling more confident in myself. Being loved in the way that I feel loved by my family and my loved ones.

What has been your biggest obstacle?

Being a woman is always challenging. We have to speak for and fight against these things all the time. It bothers me to no end that we have to talk about being a feminist. I think that equal rights for women are things where the temperature is shifting, but I can’t wait to have a conversation with my daughter being like, “it wasn’t so easy.” I hope that happens.


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