Diane Keaton created a Californian twist on the classic white kitchen with this stylish but durable focal point

 Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton, like many of us, understands the enduring power of a classic white kitchen – but in her case, it comes with a SoCal-inspired twist.

Situated inside her Spanish Colonial Revival, located in Beverly Hills, the actress has designed a bright white kitchen with dark wooden accents that complement the home's architectural features. However, alongside its nod to its southern European-inspired roots, Diane pays homage to its Californian zip code with a statement trio of cacti.

The plants in question, named Barbary figs, are seen atop her white marble kitchen island – and, thanks to their generous size, they're an instant focal point.

Deriving from dry, barren deserts, cactuses have evolved as a symbol of strength and resilience – making it a popular indoor plant internationally. However, as the home to Palm Springs, Anza-Borrego Desert, and Joshua Tree National Park, it's no surprise that California is synonymous with this stylish greenery, and there is no better tribute to this plant than Diane's space.

Among their many benefits, designers admire white kitchens for their versatility – meaning we can accessorize with anything from cacti to cookbooks without them looking out of place.

'White kitchens will always be timeless because of their neutrality and bright nature. They allow things like hardware, art, furniture [or in this instance, cacti] to be the show stoppers,' comments Cathleen Gruver, the lead designer at Gruver Cooley. 'You can change all these things easily to follow design trends if desired. They also instantly lighten up any space, keeping things fresh and new.'

White kitchen with marble backsplash and gold hardware

As Cathleen explains, white kitchens offer a backdrop to any accessory we may choose, but for Hollywood-approved inspiration, Diane Keaton's cacti are the perfect starting point.

If you've made the purchase, knowing how to water a cactus is vital to keeping the plant healthy, as is ensuring it receives the right amount of sunlight. We love how they look on Diane's kitchen island, but the experts at Baby Bio also recommend placing them in our kitchen window for maximum light exposure.

'It's no secret that cacti and succulents require lots of sunlight to thrive. In general, most species require a minimum of four to six hours of sunlight per day but are happiest when they receive around ten hours per day,' they say.

'Place your plants on a south-facing window where they can bask in bright, direct light. This will keep your succulent or cacti healthy during dormant periods and encourage flowering and faster growth during active growing periods.' Or, if we're thinking of adding a cactus to a darker space, we can pick up a faux alternative (via Etsy) below.

Faux Euphorbia Cactus