Diana Gabaldon Is Writing an Outlander Prequel About Jamie's Parents

Caroline Hallemann
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Photo credit: Starz

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Outlander fans have much to be excited about. In addition to a confirmed sixth season of the TV series and a new Scotland-centric travel show starring actor Sam Heughan called Men in Kilts, which is coming out soon, author Diana Gabaldon is working on her ninth book in the Outlander series, Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone, a text which is expected to be finished this year. (In May, Gabaldon told Town & Country the writing process for that one would be completed "within the next couple of months.")

But that's not all the fandom has to be excited about. On Twitter, Gabaldon recently revealed that she has a number of other texts in the works⁠—one of which is a prequel about Jamie's parents.

Earlier this month, a fan tweeted at Gabaldon asking: "Have you ever thought of writing a prequel to Outlander about Jamie’s parents? His mom Ellen sounds like quite a gal. Murtagh loved her (boar tusk bracelets) & MacRannoch also loved her (pearls) & his parents’ love sounds very intense like J&C." (J&C here refers to Jamie and Claire.)

Gabaldon simply replied: "Yes. It's in progress."

Gabaldon is certainly keeping busy right now. Last month, she also shared that there are more books in her spinoff series about Lord John Grey "in the pipeline."

No release dates have been shared publicly for these new additions to the Outlander universe, but if you aren't caught up on the series, shop a few of Gabaldon's other books below:

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