Devoted dad gives sons a ‘magical’ Christmas by providing proof that Santa is real

The magic of Christmas is real thanks to this dad’s commitment to keeping the legend of Santa Claus alive.

TikTok mom Ashlyn Ross shared how dedicated her husband was to ensuring their sons had a whimsical holiday experience. The father went above and beyond to convince his two boys Santa had visited while they were sleeping.

“I look forward to Christmas Eve so much! I swear- Christmas feels even more magical as a parent!” the video caption read.

The father wanted to make it look as though Santa had stopped by. He took a bite out of the cookie, banana and snacks his sons left for Kris Kringle.

The dad put “Santa-approved” stickers on the Christmas gifts under the tree. He even wrote them a letter as Santa and didn’t forget to leave a fake trail of snow behind him.

Even the most skeptical kid would have to start questioning things after all of the “evidence” Santa left.

The video received 35 million views and 6.3 million likes.

“I always left him beer and cookies. Dad never left any behind,” a user joked.

“This honestly as a parent is the BEST thing about Christmas,” a person said.

“I’m so excited to make Christmas magical for my son!” another wrote.

“I enjoy Christmas more as a parent than I ever did as a child,” a TikToker replied.

“My mom did stuff like this for me and it made Christmas so magical,” someone added.

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