Devastating Footage of Shelter Dog Watching Potential Adopters Pass Him By Is Heart-Wrenching

We've unfortunately heard too many stories of animals in shelters that are overlooked by adopters. People come in to adopt the cutest pets or the youngest ones, but the reality is that there are plenty more precious pets who need forever homes.

TikTok user @aharrisphoto shared a heart-wrenching clip of a dog who is living in a Florida-based animal shelter. This poor dog is the shelter's longest resident as he's been there for over 120 days. The point of view of this video shows what this dog sees as potential adopters walk by. Grab a tissue because this will break you into a million pieces.

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Ugh, the tears won't stop streaming down our faces. We've always been saddened by the stories we hear of animals in shelters for extremely long periods of time, but for some reason, this point of view makes us absolutely depressed. No animal should ever have to feel like they aren't wanted.

"King looks like a perfect boy. I just know he's going to find his forever home soon!" commented @niprey. That's what we're hoping and praying for! @julie_ayala91 added, "Poor baby I wish I could adopt you! I will share and pray that you get a home baby boy." If only we lived closer, this dog would be ours in a heartbeat. That's why we need social media to work its magic.

If you'd like to finally give King his well-deserved forever home, please consider adopting. Visit the Orange County Animal Services website for more information. Let's show King and all the other animals in shelters, there is so much love left in the world for them!

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