Who is DeuxMoi? Identity behind anonymous gossip account revealed

A reporter has revealed the identity behind DeuxMoi, the popular Gen Z gossip hub.

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For a long time, people have known that DeuxMoi, which has 1.5 million Instagram followers, was possibly run by two individuals. After all, DeuxMoi literally translates to “two me.” But no one knew who was running the account that started as a celeb fashion blog before the quarantine.

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DeuxMoi has conducted several interviews anonymously, most recently appearing on Showtime’s Ziwe, where they refused to disclose their race and admitted they had zero “Black friends.” Journalist Brian Feldman revealed in his Substack that based on public information, DeuxMoi allegedly is run by two socialites: Meggie Kempner and Melissa Lovallo.

“DeuxMoi has chosen to tie their individual identity to their increasingly public line of work,” Feldman wrote. “I support people telling their own story — which is not mutually exclusive from also believing that, at this point, the identity of whoever is telling that story is, in itself, newsworthy. DeuxMoi is a public figure.”

Feldman compiled clues from online activity, social media and publicly accessible records to piece the puzzle together. Most people were not surprised that two socialites were behind the account based on the tone of the content.

Kempner is the granddaughter of Nan Kempner, a famous New York City socialite in the fashion world. Kempner founded DeuxMoi with Lovallo, a former model, but allegedly Lovallo is the only one running it now.

Hailey Bieber, who previously claimed she knew the identity of DeuMoix, confirmed that Kempner and Lovallo were who she suspected, according to PopCrave.

“So you’re telling me Nan Kempner’s granddaughter is behind DeuxMoi? Best-Dressed List’s Hall of Fame Nan Kempner? Her wardrobe was literally a f****** MET EXHIBIT and her demon seed is on IG playing GOSSIP GIRL. Crazy. LMAO,” @evilrashida said on Twitter.

“I fully thought DeuxMoi was some 16-year-old not a full-blown 30-something-year-old woman,” @amandaskiwi captioned a tweet.

“DeuxMoi being exposed as two white women is not surprising to me at all. I could just tell by the way how they praise mediocre white men and bash women day in and day out. Two old losers trying to live out their mean girl fantasies,” @beammeupmila wrote in a tweet.

“Oh my god, why did I just find out that DeuxMoi’s identity was revealed? She looks exactly like I thought she did. OFC it’s run by irrelevant rich white socialites,” @ANTlOVO said on Twitter.

Watch this bland Brooklyn bedroom become a mid-century modern escape in just one day:

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