New Details On The Tennessee Opry Mall Shooting That Left One Dead

What Happened at the Opry Mall Shooting
What Happened at the Opry Mall Shooting

In an all-too-common turn of events today, shoppers at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, TN found themselves fleeing from gunfire. There are an average of 96 gun deaths per day in the US and shootings are regular occurrences, happening everywhere from schools to movie theatres to shopping centers.

In this most recent incident, shots rang out at the upscale mall around 2pm today leaving shoppers frightened and causing a major law enforcement response all around the immediate area. Here's what you need to know about the Tennessee Opry mall shooting:

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1. Social media was the to first report the incident.

People inside the mall heard the gunfire and immediately took shelter. They also took to social media.

In addition, Nashville Police tweeted information.

2. There was an area-wide lockdown.

As a precaution, local police called for lockdown procedures at schools and the nearby Opryland Hotel, while police and other first responders gathered at the mall. Thankfully, no one was injured outside the mall.

3. Also mass confusion.

Early reports said as many as 4 people were shot but the area fire department corrected the error on Twitter, saying,

4. It was apparently a dispute.

Police are saying that the shooter and the victim knew one another and the shooting was the result of a dispute between them. This was not a random shooting incident.

5. There was a fatality.

The victim, who has only been identified as a 22 year old male, died after being transported to a local hospital.

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6. The shooter is in custody.

After the shooting, the gunman went to a ticketing booth inside the mall, put his gun down and asked employees to call 911. He surrendered to police once they arrived.

7. There is no further danger.

Police are saying that because this was an interpersonal dispute and the shooter has been arrested, there is no need for further alarm.

Our thoughts go out to the survivors of this event.

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