This Dessert Star's New Anthropologie Collection Will Turn You Into a Pro Baker

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Baking delicious desserts shouldn't be done with plain spatulas and boring stainless steel pans. That's why award-winning author, food stylist, and recipe developer Jerrelle Guy teamed up with Anthropologie to launch her vibrant new Madea collection that will bring aspiring and professional pastry chefs alike major joy.

In addition to developing a James Beard-nominated cookbook Black Girl Baking, Guy runs her own food photography studio in Dallas, Texas. It's safe to say that she's an expert in making food that looks incredible and tastes even better. Now, with the drop of her colorful pieces—complete with baking dishes, mixing bowls, all the way to an extravagant tiered dessert stand—the process of bringing her recipes to life can be equally beautiful.

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"This collection was named after my Madea, who was the eldest of my grandmother’s sisters," she tells House Beautiful. "The goal with these pieces was to evoke the loving memories of a grandmother and her kitchen using patterns, colors, patchwork, and other elements inspired by my own Madea and my own grandmother’s home. I wanted to bring that safe and warming energy into my kitchen as I bake, but with a more modern look."

As soon as you scroll through Guy's 31-piece collection, made exclusively for Anthropologie, you'll feel the warmth of her inspiration. On top of that, the icing on the cake is it starts at just $10. The affordable price point begins with the priority must-have Guy recommends. "The French Whisk is a really good one, everyone needs a good whisk when they’re baking, whether they’re whisking batters, whipping cream, or just thoroughly mixing dry ingredients together in a bowl," she adds. "I worked with the design team to make sure this whisk felt comfortable for me to use. It has tighter twines and a narrow body so it fits easily into the sides of a bowl, it has a nice heft to it, and it has a comfortable wooden grip with extra metal reinforcement."

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Another favorite from the Anthropologie team? Guy's stunning Recipe Box because everything's better when it's handwritten and there's a bonus gift inside. "The Recipe Box is one of our favorite pieces," Anthropologie's General Merchandising Manager Louie Higaki shares. "Not only because nature’s inspiration shines with the wood paired with floral patterning, but also because it comes with seven of Jerrelle's favorite recipes!"

The complete collection is out now and we've spotlighted a few of our top picks, ahead. These items also make excellent Valentine's Day gifts and if you place your order by February 2nd, Anthropologie's standard delivery ensures it'll get there by the 14th. Or you can buy something for your kitchen and simply bake V-Day treats! Either way, scroll on and get excited to shop.

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