These dessert sandwiches from TikTok are so creative

Sandwiches are a classic savory snack, but did you know that sandwiches also make a great dessert? If you love sandwiches but are craving a sweet treat, head over to TikTok to learn how to make a delicious dessert sandwich that’s sure to hit the spot! From marshmallow fluff to sweet fruit fillings, there’s no limit to the tasty dessert sandwiches you can create. Here are five creative dessert sandwiches from TikTok that you need to try.

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1. Strawberry whipped cream sandwich

For a light dessert that’s stuffed with fresh fruit, try this strawberry whipped cream sandwich! Start by whipping heavy cream and sugar until it begins to thicken. Then remove the crusts from two slices of white bread. Spread the whipped cream onto a slice of bread. Then top with halved strawberries. Add a second layer of whipped cream, and place the second slice of bread on top. Refrigerate the sandwich for 30 minutes and enjoy!

Tinashe is calling the shots:

2. Oreo waffle sandwich

This Oreo waffle sandwich is buttery, chocolatey and so delicious! To make it, remove the crusts from two pieces of white bread. Spread butter onto the bread, and place one slice on a waffle iron. Place Oreos onto the bread. Then top with the second slice of buttered bread. Cook in the waffle iron until the bread turns golden brown. Then serve up your waffle sandwich with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

3. Blueberry cheesecake sandwich

For a decadent sandwich with all the flavor of a blueberry cheesecake, try this blueberry cheesecake-inspired sandwich! To make it, mix cream cheese, yogurt and sugar until they begin to thicken. Then place crackers in the bottom of a food storage container. Spread the cream cheese mixture onto the crackers, and top with store-bought blueberry filling. Place another layer of crackers on top. Then refrigerate for at least half a day before enjoying!

4. Fried Nutella sandwich

This fried Nutella sandwich is truly decadent! Start by removing the crusts from two slices of bread. Then spread Nutella on one slice. Place the second slice of bread on top, and use a spoon to seal the edges. Next, mix store-bought pancake batter according to the instructions on the box. Then stir in a bit of hot chocolate powder. Dip the sandwich in the batter, and fry it in oil. Then slice the sandwich in half and dig in!

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