Derek Jeter Just Made a Rare and Touching Statement About His Daughters

Derek Jeter Just Made a Rare and Touching Statement About His Daughters
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With multiple World Series to his name and almost two decades on the New York Yankees, The Captain star Derek Jeter is definitely a name most baseball fans recognize.

While his accolades hold quite the weight for longtime fans, his daughters Bella Raine, Story Grey and River Rose (he shares them with wife Hannah Davis) know him just as a dad. In fact, according to the former MLB player, his little girls have no idea of the legacy he left before becoming a parent.

In a recent exclusive interview with Extra, the former Miami Marlins CEO opened up about what it's like being the father of three daughters after retiring from baseball. While he admitted his daughters do know he had a longstanding career with the Yankees, they're blissfully unaware of the true mark he left on the sport before they were born.

“They have no idea," Derek admitted to the outlet. "Well, my oldest will be five in a couple of weeks. Yeah, three and a half, seven months. So they have no idea. They know that I played for the Yankees. You know, they see me on TV. They recognize me, especially during this documentary. But other than that, they have no idea, and I like it that way.”

This leads us to wonder what he's up to now that he's not hanging in the dugout. According to the former shortstop, life at home looks like the one for a typical girl dad — lots of makeovers and being the resident family chauffeur.

"The mornings are early," Derek continued. "Getting them up, they're not in school right now, but dropping them off at school, picking them up. Tennis lessons, ballet lessons, you know … I'm getting my nails painted and makeup on my face, dresses. So there's a whole other side to me.”

Overall, Derek seems to be content with the life he's built post-baseball. As far as seeing more glimpses of his life with the girls, he has shown off how he fits into his daughters' lives on Instagram.

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