Department for Education Study Reveals the Professions Most Likely to Be Replaced by AI and Chatbots

A study by the U.K.’s Department for Education, reviewed by The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, determined which jobs are most likely to be "exposed" to—either aided or replaced by—AI and chatbots, as well as the occupations least likely to be co-opted by artificial intelligence. Researchers analyzed 365 categories of jobs along with the various skills required to perform them. Each skill was then compared with the 10 most common uses of artificial intelligence to determine whether AI could perform the tasks adequately.

Scientists found that jobs which require a higher level of formal education are far more likely to be replaced by AI. Management consultant and business analyst positions topped the list. Financial managers and directors, along with accountants and psychologists, rounded out the five professions most likely to be replaced. “Legal professionals” may also soon be obsolete, coming in at number eight.

As it pertained to chatbots and other Large Language Models such as ChatGPT, telephone salespersons were determined to be most at risk of being replaced by the technology. Solicitors, or general salespersons, landed in the second spot. Psychologists once again ranked highly on this list, coming in third most likely to be usurped by chatbot technology.

Jobs which require intricate technical skills and manual labor were determined least likely to be replaced by any sort of technology. Unsurprisingly, sports players topped this list. Roofers, plasterers, steel erectors, and parking valets rounded out the top five. The results determined that jobs which pay lower wages, or require less formal education were the positions safest from AI interference.

“The occupations least exposed to AI and LLM include many of the same areas, including more manual work that is technically difficult, in unpredictable environments, and with lower wages,” the report reads.

The top five jobs at risk of AI exposure:

  1. Management consultants and business analysts

  2. Financial Managers and directors

  3. Chartered and certified accountants

  4. Psychologists

  5. Purchasing managers and directors

Top five jobs at risk of chatbot exposure:

  1. Telephone salespersons

  2. Solicitors

  3. Psychologists

  4. Further education teaching professionals

  5. Market and street traders and assistants