Demi Moore revealed she has wall-to-wall brown carpet in her bathroom and it's dividing fans online (Claudia Willen)
Demi Moore is producing an upcoming podcast called "Dirty Diana."
Demi Moore is producing an upcoming podcast called "Dirty Diana."

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  • Demi Moore shared a behind-the-scenes look at herself working on the new scripted podcast "Dirty Diana" on Wednesday. 

  • The actress recorded from her bathroom, which appeared to have shaggy brown carpet, a statue of Joan of Arc over the bathtub, and a toy monkey wedged into the wall. 

  • Both appalled and fascinated, people pointed out that the carpet didn't seem like a sanitary choice for the bathroom.

  • Twitter users proceeded to zoom in on the objects in an effort to understand why they were in Moore's home.

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Demi Moore's bathroom — which appears to have wall-to-wall brown carpet, a statue of Joan of Arc, and a couch inches from the toilet — sent fans into a frenzy due to its unconventional decor. 

The actress, 57, shared photos of herself working from the space on Wednesday to promote her new scripted podcast "Dirty Diana," which premieres July 13.

While Moore intended to draw focus to her upcoming project, people became fixated on the bathroom and wondered if the actress was in her real home.

Previous photos taken by Moore and her family members confirm that the bathroom is part of her house, though.

Many people were vocal critics of the bathroom's aesthetic, saying that it looked like it hadn't been updated since the '70s. 

The shaggy brown carpet was one of the biggest problems for many Twitter users. Aside from not liking the way it looked, people pointed out that it didn't seem sanitary to have a running toilet surrounded by carpet. 


Moore also appeared to have a life-sized statue of Roman Catholic saint Joan of Arc standing behind her bathtub — a decision that fans couldn't explain. 

People also zoomed in on the photos to identify other inanimate objects, like a stuffed monkey wedged into her wall and a toy peeking out from a plant. 



In Moore's defense, some people said that she may have rearranged the bathroom's layout to optimize lighting for her Zoom call. 

Based on her previous photos on social media, however, it appears as though the bathroom's wall-to-wall carpet, worn-in couch, and stone wall are consistent with the rest of the decor in Moore's house. 


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