Demi Moore, 60, Took Her Toned Abs Whitewater Rafting In IG swimsuit Pics 🔥

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Demi Moore, 60, Has Toned Abs In swimsuit IG PhotosMichael Campanella - Getty Images

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  • Demi Moore shared Instagram photos of herself on a vacation with friends as they went whitewater rafting, and her abs and legs are so toned in a black swimsuit.

  • The actress is a fan of doing The Mirror workouts and frequently posts about them on social media.

  • She values her diet as a key component to her overall health, and she loves pineapple and other fruits.

Demi Moore is known for being a totally iconic actress and bonafide supermodel, but did you know she’s a veritable Sporty Spice, as well? The Ghost actress just dropped an Instagram photo dump from a recent vacation, and she is chiseled all over, from her abs to her legs.

The 60-year-old actress recently traveled to Colorado for a few days of whitewater rafting, chasing waterfalls, and fun with friends. While Demi's smile steals the show here, it's clear that her core and quads are seriously strong as she poses in a black swimsuit.

“Back in September, I had the opportunity to journey through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River alongside so many beautiful souls. We laughed, cried, and formed lifelong bonds that I will hold close to my heart forever,” she wrote in part of her caption.

Of course, fans cheered her on in the comments section. "She is in her best age of having fun and looking GORGEOUS 🙌❤️🔥," one follower wrote. Another commented: "D, this is soooo awesome and inspiring."

If you’re left wondering what the star does to stay in whitewater rafting shape, you’re in luck. Demi shares a lot of BTS content from her workouts. Because lest I forget, she did play badass G.I. Jane in the '90s, a role for which she definitely packed on the muscles.

Nowadays, though, Demi likes working out with The Mirror, a piece of fitness tech that allows users to bring boutique workout classes to their living rooms. Here, she squeezes in a 15-minute session aimed at her booty:

In the time-lapse, Demi does high planks, which definitely strengthen the core, as well as plié squats to work her lower body. These sorts of low-impact workouts are effective for toning the muscles, but also are easier on the joints, which is important at all ages.

Demi also loves taking her pup on long walks, which also helps her get her steps in. Pilaf is really quite the star:

When it comes to food, Demi knows diet is an important piece of her overall health, she told CNN. Some of her favorite foods are fresh pineapple and other fruits.

“For me, well-being is a choice of living consciously with intention, being mindful, and making choices that are memorable and meaningful,” she said. “It isn’t something I fit into my lifestyle; it’s just how I live my life.”

Amen, Demi!

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