Demi Lovato Says Watching 'Cruel Intentions' Made Her Realize She's Queer

Hilary Weaver
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Photo credit: Frank Micelotta Archive - Getty Images
Photo credit: Frank Micelotta Archive - Getty Images


Today is National Coming Out Day. It's also International Day of the Girl—so many things to celebrate! Here's another thing to celebrate: Demi Lovato is introducing the public to a thing we in the queer community take very seriously: the "root." Your queer "root" is the thing that first tipped you off to the fact that you might want to start reading some Judith Butler. This could be a movie, a book, a song, a poster of Orlando Bloom with very long, beautiful Legolas hair (mine).

Demi Lovato's queer root was the 1999 film Cruel Intentions, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Reese Witherspoon. The moment in question, specifically, is the make-out scene between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar. During a conversation with Tan France for Facebook's Coming Out 2020 event, Lovato shared more about her early queer memories.

"It was definitely when I was young and should not have been watching Cruel Intentions, but I did and it was that scene where they made out on the park lawn," Lovato told France. "I was just like 'Oh, wait a minute—I really like that, I wanna try it.'" She went on: "And then when I was like 17 I did get down with that and that’s when I knew."

In case you aren't aware of this scene, Gellar's character, Kathryn Merteuil, teaches Blair's character, Cecile Caldwell, how to get to "first base." It's steamy, and if you're a baby queer, it's everything.

Here you go:

In fact, Gellar and Blair recreated the kiss for Blair's 45th birthday.

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I got my kiss @selmablair

A post shared by Sarah Michelle (@sarahmgellar) on Jun 24, 2020 at 10:15am PDT

Just going to put that there, Demi, in case you missed it. Happy National Coming Out Day!

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