Demi Lovato Says Getting Her Wrinkles Injected Makes Her Feel “Confident”

demi lovato on xeomin and authentic beauty
Demi Lovato on Xeomin and Authentic BeautyXeomin
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Grammy-nominated and award-winning singer, actor, and advocate Demi Lovato is all about living authentically. Part of that, she says, is being honest about cosmetic tweakments. “Xeomin makes me feel like my most confident self while still looking like myself,” she says. The newest celebrity to join the prescription injection brand’s “Beauty on Your Terms” campaign, Lovato spoke to Bazaar about stepping into her truest self and how that relates to her relationship with beauty.

"I find my creativity to be a channel for my authenticity. I get into the studio and I write about my most vulnerable feelings” she says. “I put it out there in front of the world, and it's very therapeutic to me. It's being true to me—and that's the whole [theme] of this campaign.”

Xeomin's partnership with the thirty-one year old speaks both to the rise of prejuvenation—namely, the clinical prevention of the signs of aging before they occur. Injectable neurotoxins can stymie the deepening of fine lines into wrinkles, for instance. Yet when used on younger patients, some may run the risk of developing a tolerance to the wrinkle-smoothing cosmeceutical with repeated exposure. But as board-certified plastic surgeon Jason Roostaeian explains, Xeomin is known for having the least amount of the binding proteins that the body develops resistance to in its formula as opposed to its competitors. Thus, it could be argued that Xeomin is more appropriate for younger patients' use over the long-term.

Admitting that she does have some fine lines, Lovato prefers Xeomin's "purer" formulation, calling it a "SmartTox" that allows her to be more mindful of what is being injected into her body. "It only has the ingredients that I need in order to achieve the consistent results that I get,” she adds.

Lovato's connection to beauty is much more than skin deep, explaining that the close relationships with her beauty team are incredibly important to her. "When you work so much with people, they become like your family, and I found that to be the same with my glam squad because we're together so often," she says. "I'm really close with my makeup artist Jill Powell—she's amazing and I love her so much—as well as celebrity makeup artist Etienne Ortega, my hair stylist Alex Loo, and my esthetician Renée Rouleau."

Dallas-based Rouleau flies in to give clients like Lovato monthly facials, and Lovato uses a tailored regimen consisting strictly of the celebrity esthetician's eponymous product line. "I really love the line because the products work so well for my skin. I know they won't break me out, and they will keep my skin clear," Lovato says. "I'm pretty diligent about my skincare routine and give myself a facial twice-per-week." In case you're wondering, she calls the Renée Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Scrub, and the industry-beloved masks, the Triple Berry Smoothing Peel and the Rapid Response Detox Mask, "heaven-sent."

But ultimately, Lovato's skin care moves beyond the topical on account of the body and mind's interconnection. She notes that self-care has "always been a priority" to her for the way it "connects me to myself." "We live in a society where it's all about the hustle culture, working hard, and we don't take a lot of time to ourselves. Also, because we're always on our phones, finding time to stay present is important as well," she says.

Over the years, her self-care regimen has adapted to attune to her changing needs. "As you grow and get older, you learn things about yourself you didn't know before, and your values and beliefs change. That all is a reflection of your most authentic self," Lovato explains. This includes a wellness mindset. "I stay more present, I try not to worry about what other people think of me, [and I try not to] sweat the small stuff," she explains. "Stretching is also really helpful to me for taking a second to breathe, or [practicing] meditation," Lovato says. "I'm kind of bad about meditation, where I don't do it enough. I go through phases and then I fall off." She recently started up a new grounding hobby, as well, which is making her own incense.

Lovato's impressive self-awareness evidences her commitment to self-exploration and learning, admitting that some of what she learned along the way surprised her. "I discovered that I was nonbinary, and that felt right to me. I wouldn't have imagined that in my future, but when I pay attention to how I'm feeling in this moment today, it makes complete sense," she says, adding that she is comfortable with the pronouns "she/her" as well as "they/them."

Teeming with insightfulness, I asked whether she had advice to offer to any readers or fans. "The key is finding whatever it is that helps you stay present. Whatever works for you, lean into that," she says. "I would also say to take the pressure off yourself to please other people. It's not about pleasing other people, it's about pleasing yourself." And she applies this to beauty standards, as well. "If your beauty expectations are too high for yourself, re-evaluate and do some soul-searching. It is all about self-care, self-love, and not what other people think about you."

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