Delta Makes it Easy for Passengers to Zen Out on Planes

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Replace that Law & Order SVU marathon with some meditation exercises in the sky. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Popular meditation app, “OMG. I Can Meditate!” will now be featured on Delta Airline’s in-flight TV, allowing passengers to zen out instead of vegging out to movies and television shows.

With a simple touchscreen and easy to follow guided instructions, travelers can access meditations like “Relaxing in the Clouds,” “Blanket of Love,” and “Dealing with Anxiety.”

“We’re really excited to have our guided meditations included on Delta’s in-flight entertainment system.” says Garner Bornstein, co-founder of OMG. I Can Meditate! "We’ve had a lot of great feedback from people who have enjoyed more relaxing flights having used our program. Many people experience travel-related stress, whether a fear of flying or family or business-related pressures waiting upon arrival. Meditating on board can be a really helpful, and enjoyable, way to alleviate this stress. Plus, an airplane is probably the only public place there is where you can look perfectly normal just sitting there with your eyes closed.”

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Why does meditating make sense on planes? First off, because you don’t have a whole lot else to do. Flight time lets you catch up on all sorts of things from organizing your computer desktop to sorting your mail. Why not let it help you get a little centered and balanced in preparation for whatever it is you have planned at your destination?

Studies have also shown that meditation can help cut down on stress and anxiety, two things often associated with traveling and flying on planes.

Dr. Jamé Heskett, founder of the Wellpath NYC told Yahoo Travel that breathing techniques, like meditation, “will calm you and keep your whole body oxygenated and energized…it forces blood and oxygen and nutrients all over your body instead of leaving everything stagnant during a long flight.”

“Flying can be a highly stressful event,” the app cofounder, Certified Meditation Coach Lynne Goldberg explained. “But now with meditation at your fingertips, you can zen out in the clouds.”

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