Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Recounts First Time Working With All-Black Crew: ‘It Made Me Feel Amazing’


In a remarkable moment for Delta Air Lines, flight attendant Felicia Kaye had a unique experience during her recent workday. She found herself part of an all-Black crew, including both the flight attendants and the pilots, marking a significant milestone in her career, as reported by 11 Alive.

Loving The Crew

Kaye, a Delta flight attendant for five years, initially thought it would be another routine day as she picked up a last-minute flight from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Kansas City. However, as she gathered with her fellow crew members, something extraordinary struck her: the entire crew was African-American.

“We’ve had an African-American crew, but we just hadn’t all experienced having the pilots as well and having the entire crew be African-American,” Kaye explained, emphasizing the unique significance of this moment. “It made me feel amazing. It made all of us feel amazing, and we felt that we wanted to capture that.”

Eager to share this special experience, Kaye took to her Facebook page to document the historic flight. Her post, uploaded on October 13, quickly garnered positive reactions and responses from people who expressed their hopes of witnessing such moments more frequently.

Not The First Time…

While this marked a first for Felicia Kaye, Delta Air Lines clarified that it wasn’t the first time an all-Black crew has operated one of their flights. Kaye had worked with Black crew members in the past, but this was the first instance where both the first officer and captain were African-American.

Delta’s Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Kaye, excited by the experience, voiced her enthusiasm for more occurrences in the future. “The company is so progressive. Delta is so diverse, and it just really, really made me feel Delta proud,” she shared, highlighting the airline’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The extraordinary flight showcased the airline’s dedication to celebrating diversity within its workforce, and it is a moment that will be cherished by all who were part of this historic journey.