Delicious no-cheese dinner recipes

Delicious no-cheese dinner recipes. Despite the ubiquity of cheese, there are tons of recipes that don’t use it as an ingredient. Here are five no-cheese recipes from TikTok you need to try. 1. Garlic butter steak and potatoes, This garlic butter steak and potatoes recipe is sure to satisfy even the pickiest palates!. Start by boiling potatoes for 10 minutes, then draining them and seasoning them with spices and flour. Then, bake the potatoes with garlic and cloves. Season your steak with spices and cook it in a pan with garlic, thyme, and butter to your desired doneness. Then, sauté onions in soy sauce and honey. Serve with steamed vegetables. 2. 15-minute spicy shrimp udon, This spicy shrimp udon is so fast and easy to make!. To make it, boil udon noodles. Then sauté shrimp in a pan with oil, salt, chili flakes, onions, carrots, jalapeños, and bell peppers. Toss with hoisin and teriyaki sauce, chopped cabbage, green onions, butter, and toasted sesame seeds. 3. Vegan pesto pasta with vegetables, This vegan pasta dish is delicious and healthy!. To make it, sauté zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach in a pan. Boil the pasta of your choice. Once the pasta is cooked, toss it with pesto, then add your vegetables. Squeeze some lemon juice onto the pasta, season with chili flakes, and enjoy. 4. Golden egg fried rice with Chinese broccoli and sausage, Egg yolks give this fried rice dish extra color and flavor! . Start by mixing egg yolks into cooked rice. Then, cook egg whites in a pan and set them aside. Sauté Chinese broccoli stems and sausage, then, add the rice to the pan and fry until the rice no longer sticks. 5. One-pan chicken piccata, This chicken piccata dish is easy to make but so packed with flavor!. Start by seasoning split chicken breasts, coating them in flour, then cooking them in butter and olive oil. Remove the chicken from the pan, then sauté garlic and asparagus. After a minute, add chicken stock, lemon juice, and pasta. Boil the pasta until tender, then mix in capers and serve with the chicken breasts

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