Def Leppard's Phil Collen Is Doing a 30-Day Workout Challenge to Get Back in Shape

Philip Ellis
Photo credit: Ethan Miller - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ethan Miller - Getty Images

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With a number of their national tour dates postponed due to the pandemic, Def Leppard have some time on their hands — and Phil Collen is making the most of it. The guitarist, 62, recently embarked on a month-long fitness transformation challenge, changing his diet and throwing himself into an intense training regime to get back into peak shape before the band eventually hits the road again.

Collen has been tracking his progress so far via video updates on Def Leppard's YouTube channel, and just posted an update from the second week of his fitness journey, including details on his workout split, his nutrition, and perhaps most importantly, his home gym playlist. You might expect the guy to be listening to his own hits, but nope; he's a huge fan of funk and soul from the Seventies, and James Brown in particular.

On some days his diet is relatively low-carb, which affects how much Collen can lift, and he notes when doing his full-body workout on Day 9 that he is doing lighter versions of each compound exercise, including bench press. "I don't want to kill myself," he says, adding that he's been listening to his body and stopping as soon as he feels any pain or discomfort. "I don't want to be all 'ooh look at me, I'm so hard' and injure myself."

While Collen is lucky enough to have a home gym, he takes time to show how people without all of the necessary equipment can still train at home with minimal gear; he demonstrates all of the different muscle groups that you can work with a pullup bar in a doorframe, encouraging fans to get moving in any way they can.

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