All the Deets on Why Greer Is MIA on 'The Bachelor'

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The 411 on Whey Greer From ‘The Bachelor’ Is MIACraig Sjodin - Getty Images

Ever since Greer Blitzer got Zach Shallcross’s First Impression Rose, Bachelor Nation has been obsessed with getting to know more about her while seeing her progress during this Bachelor season. Enter: her noticeable absence from the group date in episode 6, which left people everywhere (me) feeling all ?!?!?!? Let's get into exactly what went down and what happened to Greer on The Bachelor.

'Kay, so things started off a little...tense the week prior

If you recall from the truly dramatic episode 5, Greer and Zach actually got into a disagreement during the Zoom cocktail party, which was done in place of a real-life gathering because...well, Zach tested positive for COVID in London 😭. In trying to relate to the Bachelor, the medical sales rep told him, “I work in sales, and last time I had COVID it was at the end of a quarter, so I know what it’s like to have a goal you’re trying to reach and you’re stuck.”

Though it was v obvious that Greer was just trying to empathize with Zach, he actually got low-key defensive and said, “I do want to throw out there that I think it’s completely different with me finding my future wife versus the end of sales close quarter…I put a lot of weight on this week, and it is frustrating. In a few short weeks I could be standing in front of my person, and that means a lot more to me than a sales quarter.” Yikes!

Greer apologized for offending him despite not doing anything wrong, and the rest of the night seemed super tense as she was scared the presumed insult would result in her elimination. And TBH, people had *tons* to say about how it all went down:

HOWEVER!!! Greer actually went on to receive the final rose of the night...which brings us to yesterday's episode.

So here's the actual episode 6 scoop 👀

Though some viewers assumed that Greer left on her own after the roller coaster week she experienced with Zach, we found out some pretty important info at the beginning of episode 6 when host Jesse Palmer told the Bach, “I do have some news. Unfortunately Greer also is feeling a bit under the weather.” He then confirmed the sales rep wouldn’t be free to date during the sixth week because she tested positive for COVID and would be in her hotel room quarantining.

Zach's response? “If you can let her know that I’m thinking about her and I want her to get as healthy as she can as quick as she can—but not to stress and worry about it.”

So there ya have it, folks! Not only does Greer not go home during week 6, but the preview for episode 7 shows her knocking on Zach's hotel room door, giving him a big hug, and telling the camera: “I’m back, baby!”

And FWIW, Zach regrets his initial harsh response

Zach later reflected on the conversation he had with Greer during an interview with Variety and said, “While watching it back, I completely empathize with her.”

“I think she was just really trying to connect and relate with me when I had COVID and really I was just already frustrated with everything going on. I definitely could’ve delivered my sentiment in a lot more of a respectful way.”

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