Deal Alert: This Sleek Gym Bag Is a Whopping 62% Off Right Now

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer
Photo credit: Courtesy of Retailer

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WHEN IT comes to buying gym bags, we often don't think about style as much as we do function. After all, the bag simply needs to be durable and able to easily store our gear. With that all being said, there's something elite about having gym bag that looks as great as it performs. How does that one phrase go again? Look good, train good?

Enter this sleek Endo Gym Bag from Barbour International. It's made from 100% polyester and has a spacious 28L internal compartment (with a zippered front pocket for small items). The best part is it's on a major discount at Backcountry's Send-off Summer Sale. Normally $120, the Endo Gym Bag is a whopping $46 (62% off)!

We understand buying gym bags can oftentimes come down to a value play. After all, we tend to splurge first on our workout shoes, followed by our workout clothes, then last our gym accessories. The fact this bag is over $70 off is almost irresistible to at least try. It's also worth noting the End Gym Bag is a versatile all-black duffle you can designate for multiple uses outside of the gym, if you choose. For example, it will make an excellent duffle to bring a change of clothes to your work, or as a weekend duffle for traveling.

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This isn't the only sale going on at Backcountry at the moment either. The outfitter is holding deals up to 60% off tons of apparel and gear thanks to the Send-off Summer Sale. So if you're curious about what else the event has to offer, you can go add the Endo Gym Bag to cart and do a little sale surfing.

Make a no-brainer gym upgrade for less than $50, while supplies last, and optimize your gains. This duffle is calling your name!


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