This Is the Deadliest Road in America, According to Data

Paul Thompson
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According to the latest data from the Association for Safe International Road Travel, nearly 40,000 people in the United States die every year in car accidents. That's a traffic fatality rate of 12.4 deaths per 100,000 people. And while you should exercise caution anytime you get behind the wheel—whether you're running to the corner market or heading out on a cross-country road trip—there are certain stretches of highway in the U.S. proven to be especially dangerous, according to recent research from Teletrac Navman. The California-based software company analyzed data for the most recent three-year period available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to find out which U.S. highway experiences the most deaths per mile of road. Read on to discover the deadliest road in America, and for more on dangerous driving, This State Has the Worst Drivers in America, According to Data.


I-85: Montgomery, Alabama–Petersburg, Virginia

Deaths per mile: 0.61

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I-19: Nogales, Arizona–Tucson, Arizona

Deaths per mile: 0.63


I-95: Miami, Florida–Houlton, Maine

Deaths per mile: 0.64

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I-30: Aledo, Texas–North Little Rock, Arkansas

Deaths per mile: 0.65


I-12: Baton Rouge, Louisiana–Slidell, Louisiana

Deaths per mile: 0.67


Route 92: St. Petersburg, Florida–Daytona Beach, Florida

Deaths per mile: 0.71

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I-17: Phoenix, Arizona–Flagstaff, Arizona

Deaths per mile: 0.71


Route 192: Four Corners, Florida–Indialantic, Florida

Deaths per mile: 0.87


I-45: Galveston, Texas–Dallas, Texas

Deaths per mile: 0.91


I-4: Tampa, Florida–Daytona Beach, Florida

Deaths per mile: 1.13

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