Dead Air Radio Gives a BTS Rundown of Dave Skoot's 'SkateHoarders' Episode

Our pals Mitch and Steve over at Dead Air Radio recently did a rundown on our latest two-part SkateHoarders episode with Dave Skoot and took the time to dig a little deeper into Dave's impressive board collection, as well as provide some fun stories about Dave since they're all close friends.

Stuff like this is always fun and these dudes definitely have stories for days. If you enjoyed the episodes, you'll get a kick out of this. Dive in!

In the caption of the video, Dead Air Radio mentions:

"Last week TransWorld released 2 episodes of SkateHoarders revolving around Dave Skoot, a Staten Island native who Steve and Mitch know really well. Steve gets into the behind the scenes of the episode, along with Mitch and Steve sharing stories about Dave."

This is some true skate nerd stuff right here! And we love it. As skateboarders, we all have collections of our own—large and small—and we can all relate to sitting around and swapping similar stories with our homies just like this. Shout out to Mitch and Steve for diving into the episode! So rad. And thanks again to Dave for taking the time to share his collection in the first place.

More SkateHoarders coming soon...

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