#Daydream: Bodie Island Lighthouse, Outer Banks, North Carolina

We know how it is. You’re stuck at your desk and the day seems to be going on forever. Your mind starts to wander — at first to “anywhere but here,” but then to exotic, faraway lands where your everyday problems and stress melt in the presence of true paradise. You want to go to there, and we want to go with you. Every day at 3 p.m. Eastern, we’ll send you a picture of the place we at Yahoo Travel are daydreaming about so we can all take that mental vacation together. Let’s go to…

Photo: Alistair Nicol/Flickr

…Bodie Island Lighthouse! Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, this beautiful lighthouse is actually the third to stand in its place, after the original was abandoned and the second was destroyed by Confederate troops during the Civil War. The current lighthouse has proudly stood in its place amid the gorgeous marshland and saltwater ponds since 1872. It looks like the third time really is a charm!