Can David Montgomery break out in Week 4?

FFL Flash Alert - Tank Williams discusses David Montgomery's tough fantasy matchup vs. the Colts.

Video Transcript

- All right and, Tank, who are you talking down?

- Yeah, I'm talking about a guy that we've already talked a lot about already, David Montgomery. We've already said that one of our favorite guys, always likes to yell "Mandatory Montgomery." but he may get a mandatory [INAUDIBLE] in your stat sheet this week, just because he has a really tough match. The Indianapolis defense gives up the fourth fewest rush yards per game. They've only given up one rushing touchdown this year, none against the pass.

Their first 10 yards per game against the run, and they've given up the fewest points overall, just in general, against offenses. And so when you look at a guy like David Montgomery, even though Tarik Cohen is out with the ACL, he hasn't been able to be that productive. He has Nick Foles in at quarterback now, but I don't think that's enough for him to get past that tough Indy defense. He's going to have a bad one today.