David Koma RTW Spring 2023

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The David Koma brand is growing — once upon a time only eveningwear dresses could be found on his runways, but now there’s a plethora of items to choose from, including tailoring, knitwear, handbags and footwear.

Koma took to the streets — literally and sartorially — staging his show outside in Shoreditch in East London, a walk away from his design studio.

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“I felt like this time it was really about the streets,” he said backstage, explaining that it felt like the correct season to expand his collection after the huge success of his brand as the pandemic softened its blow.

It’s clear that Koma’s confidence is growing — his shows are often plastered with the color black but this time around he injected bright bold shades such as cobalt blue and lilac, as well as an iridescent print that was inspired by London pavements, where oil and water mix.

“It triggered my fantasy of the underwater world and sea creatures,” he said, listing as his muse American marine biologist Sylvia Earle and her documentary “Mission Blue” as inspirations.

“When she was describing what she saw under the sea, it was unexpectedly romantic,” he said.

It was easy to see the nautical influence on Koma — shell prints lasered onto little black dresses; starfish embroideries and buckle belts, which were too on the nose, but for the Koma girl it’s all about what’s on the surface.

It was clever of him to move away from what he knows best and dive into something soft and attainable that didn’t require too much headspace.

Launch Gallery: David Koma RTW Spring 2023

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