David Dobrik confirms that Howie Mandel is not being held captive

TikTok user emmwee shared one of Mandel's videos in which he poked fun at people crafting in quarantine by creating a paper bag for “shoe stuff”.Commenters immediately began theorizing.“[The bag] says sos and he’s wearing a lifeguard hoodie is this a coincidence???!” one user wrote.Other TikTok users shared similar videos sharing their stories, and as of July 15, the hashtag #SaveHowieMandel has 10 million views.Rather than create a conspiracy video of his own, TikTok and YouTube star David Dobrik decided to go check on Mandel himself.He drove up to Mandel’s house, and the comedian appeared outside his door with a large face shield and gloves.“I don’t understand why they’re worried … I’m 65, I’m on TikTok, that’s weird,” Mandel responded.Mandel thanked Dobrik for checking on him and assured him that he is not being held captive by anyone.Mandel also confirmed to BuzzFeed News on July 14 that he is “fine”

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