David Beckham Gives Fans a Look Into His '1,000 Push-Up' Workout Routine

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David Beckham's spot in soccer history is secured thanks to his storied career spanning multiple continents and leagues, as well as his more recent work building his MLS footprint in the U.S. But despite not being on the pitch anymore, he isn't letting himself get out of shape.

The retired soccer star shared a look into his workouts with a shirtless workout video posted on Instagram. He easily does push-ups using dumbbells as anchors while Young Disciples' 1991 song "Apparently Nothin'" motivates him to keep going. While it's unclear how many Beckham actually did, he counted "998, 999, 1,000" in the post's tongue-in-cheek caption, perhaps in a classic Anchorman reference.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been one of Beckham's many focuses in retirement. Besides himself and his family, the ex-MLS player has been busy as a co-owner of Inter Miami CF, which welcomed World Cup champion Lionel Messi to its ranks last year.

When reflecting on just how far Inter Miami has come under his leadership, Beckham told The Athletic in 2023 that it meant much more to him than his own achievements on the field.

"There have been ups, downs, pandemics, obstacles, challenges. But I always knew, and I’ve always said, that this will be the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done," he said honestly. "I always said that one day I’d love to own my own team. Coaching, managing… that has never been something that really interests me. I love coaching kids but going into management was never something I wanted to do. But when I knew I had the opportunity of owning my own team, that was something I thought, 'This is legacy. This is how I want to repay a sport that has given me so much over the years.'"

Meanwhile, Inter Miami's new long-awaited state-of-the-art stadium is under construction and set to open next year.