David Beckham declares Dwayne Johnson ‘winner’ of Halloween after dressing up as him

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David Beckham has declared Dwayne Johnson the “winner” of Halloween after the actor dressed up as him.

The Black Adam star decked himself out as the English football star, wearing a long blonde wig and a vintage Manchester United Football Club from the player’s star-making years on the team.

In an Instagram carousel, the now-retired athlete posted a series of snaps of Johnson paying homage to him, writing in the caption: “And the winner is @therock looking good man I know what I’m going as next year.”

In the first image, Johnson could be seen looking away from the camera, posing in black sunglasses, a black and white headband, and the athlete’s red soccer jersey - which reads “Beckham 7” as seen in the second photo. In his own post, the actor wrote in the caption: “265lb BLA-MOAN BECKHAM #7 on the field #1 in your heart. Happy Halloween, my friends.”

“BlaMoan = Black + Samoan. #BendItLikeABlaMoan #TaurusEnergy #May2ndBabies,” he added, referencing their shared birthday on 2 May. Beckham commented on the post, writing: “I mean I thought I was looking in the mirror. Looking good man, you might need a bigger jersey.”

As for Beckham’s costume, the retired athlete donned a classic devil look. He paired prosthetic black devil horns with smokey eye makeup, and a black beanie and leather jacket. In another Instagram carousel, he showed off his look, and posed with his 12-year-old daughter Harper, who was dressed as a chipmunk.

“Happy Halloween from me & my little chipette #HarperSeven,” he wrote, adding that he and his wife Victoria Beckham missed their three sons: Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 21, and Cruz, 18.

The former Spice Girl took to her Instagram Story to share a silly clip of her jokingly describing her husband in his costume as “horny,” to which he responded: “That’s gross.”

In a September interview with The Telegraph, David shared the keys to the success behind his 24-year marriage to Victoria. “You work together. It’s a bit of give and take, always,” he explained to the outlet. “And marriage is hard work. We’re busy. I always tell Victoria I’m more busy, but she says she is.”

“We have four kids who are always going in different directions, but you have to prioritise your time with each other. That’s what we’ve always done, and it seems to be working,” the retired athlete continued. Later on, he noted that both he and Victoria have had conversations about what being grandparents would look like.

The former football player jokingly added that although he’s comfortable with the idea, she’s had a bit of difficulty wrapping her head around it. He told the outlet: “I said to Victoria: ‘You know, at some point, you’re going to be a grandma.’ She said: ‘Don’t talk to me about that!’”

Their marriage, along with the athlete’s impressive career, is explored in the docuseries, Beckham, which launched on Netflix on Wednesday 4 October to critical and audience acclaim, sparking renewed interest in the power couple.