Dave Bautista worries about how his dogs would survive the zombie apocalypse

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When we interviewed the stars of Netflix’s new Zack Snyder movie Army Of The Dead, we asked them all one thing: Who in this cast do you think could survive a zombie apocalypse? Some, interestingly, said Tig Notaro, who stepped into a tough situation on the movie and came out like a champ. Dave Bautista, however, was supremely confident in his own strength, preparedness, and cunning. As you’ll see in the video above, he thinks he could camp out in his Florida compound, though he has slight concerns about fresh water. (Drink the pool, maybe? Does that work?) What he’s most worried about, though, are his dogs, who he’d have to kept fed and safe, zombies be damned. We also talked about his food truck fantasies, and his passion for gourmet grilled cheese, just because.


Army Of The Dead is in theaters now, and hits Netflix this Friday.

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