Daughter Recreates Mother’s Travel Photos 30 Years Later


Lydia poses at Piazzale Michelangelo 30 years after her mother. (Photo: Lydia Coutré/Lydia is Lost)

At one point or another, we have all wondered what our parents were like when they were our age. How did they see the world?

One student found a unique way to answer that question by recreating vacation photos her mother took 30 years ago.

When Lydia Coutré chose to study abroad in Florence, Italy, she realized that it would be the perfect opportunity to retrace the trip to Italy her mother took in 1982.

Before her 2012 trip, the Kent University journalism student used a slide convertor to digitize her mother’s photos.

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Taking a photo opp at the Coliseum. (Photo: Lydia Coutré/Lydia is Lost)

Then when Coutré went overseas, she took photos of the Coliseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the leaning Tower of Piza — standing in the exact spot her mother stood 30 years ago. She also made a trip to London in order to recreate even more photos.

For her, the most impressive part was how well everything was maintained.

“I think what surprised me the most was how little things had changed,” Coutré told The Daily Mail. “Other than the London Eye, car models, and some construction, most of the photos were pretty similar.”


The addition of the London Eye makes this photo one of Lydia’s favorites. (Photo: Lydia Coutré/Lydia is Lost)

In many ways, by taking the same photos, Coutré was able to understand her mother even better.

“My mom sent me a copy of her journal while I was there, so I got to read about her trip while recapturing parts of it, which was really great,” Coutré told Yahoo Travel. “It was just cool seeing what she saw decades ago, and noticing what had changed, but mostly how much hadn’t.”

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Now that Coutré has the travel bug, she’s looking forward to her next trip.

And of course, she plans to use her mother for inspiration.

“I can’t remember where else she took pictures, but I know I haven’t been everywhere she has,” she added. “Maybe I’ll look through more of her slides and have it help me choose my next adventure.”


Same picture, newer car. Trafalgar Square. (Photo: Lydia Coutré/Lydia is Lost)

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