Find Out Your Dating Style Based on Your Zodiac Sign and What It Means For Future Relationships

Lauren Harano

Crafted in the cosmos, zodiac signs have different dating patterns based on each one's unique characteristics. Astrology is a key part in understanding yourself as well as helping you understand how you handle relationships and what they mean to you. Your ruling planet can tell you everything from the kind of relationships you look for to the signs that you should stay away from romantically - both of which are essential when you're dating around. And while some signs are more passionate and expect more attention from their partners (read: Pisces), others are all about balance, fairness, and communication. Figuring out where you stand can help you to better navigate your love life, and who doesn't want that?

If you're wondering how your astrological sign plays into your relationships - from knowing how you connect with people to understanding how you love - keep reading to learn each sign's dating style.


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