Dating app employees share alleged secrets they learned on the job

Like it or not, dating apps are now a staple in modern relationships. The employees behind some of the biggest apps on the market took to a Reddit thread to share some of the alleged secrets they learned on the job. User @ChickumNWaffles claimed that lying is rampant among users on one dating app. User @throwaway492130921 claimed that the algorithms that select potential matches for the sites are “less sophisticated than you think”. User @yetorico introduced the concept of “ghost profiles,” which use photos of real women but are operated by men “living in France, Serbia, Ukraine and Russia”. User @SupermanistheDR also claimed their coworkers would create fake accounts to chat with users. Perhaps worst of all were the alleged stories of scamming that employees couldn’t stop. “People get scammed often. Lonely people are vulnerable and get scammed out of money and gifts,” wrote user @Throwitawaydate3109