Dashcam footage captures instant karma moment for obnoxious truck driver: ‘That was so satisfying to see’

“Rolling coal” is a practice when drivers modify their pickup trucks to make them spew huge amounts of black exhaust in order to display their opposition to environmentalism (often aiming the exhaust at electric vehicles and cyclists).

Not only is it obnoxious, but the practice is hazardous to other vehicles on the road.

It can also be dangerous to the coal rollers themselves, as displayed in one video posted recently to the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit, in which a pickup truck driver rolled coal at another driver while passing them and then proceeded to accelerate right through a speed trap.

Photo Credit: u/Yuyu_Z / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/Yuyu_Z / Reddit

Other Redditors were delighted at the video’s ending, in which the coal roller got pulled over.

“He couldn’t just pass the car normally, had to be an a** about it. True karma,” one commenter wrote.

“So satisfying,” another wrote. “But how dare that white car not realize this awesome truck needs the whole highway and immediately pull off?”

Last month, another driver took to Reddit to share a dashcam video of a coal roller crashing into a barrier between the exit ramp and the highway in the process of trying to spread diesel fumes across four lanes.

Unfortunately, while modifying your truck to allow it to roll coal is illegal, the practice itself is not specifically illegal in most states, leaving police officers to make judgment calls about whether they want to pull over drivers who engage in it.

Speeding, however, is much more likely to be enforced.

“That was so satisfying to see,” another Redditor commented under the speed trap video.

“Instant. Karma,” wrote another.

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