Dash Has A Waffle Maker That Makes Mini Flower Designs That Will Brighten Up Brunch

Alexis Morillo
·1 min read
Photo credit: Dash
Photo credit: Dash

From Delish

The vernal equinox is in 10 days, which means you have a little over a week to really prepare for spring. Nothing says spring to me quite like brunch, so I'll be stocking up on orange juice, bubbly, and waffle mix as soon as possible. To make brunch even more seasonally appropriate, Dash has its famous mini waffle maker in a version that adds an adorable floral design to your breakfast.

Dash's products are insanely popular not only because they're functional but because they're easy to use and don't take up too much room, making them ideal for smaller spaces. To use one of the mini waffle makers, you simply have to plug it in and wait for a light to tell you it's heated up so you can pour in your preferred waffle mix. Many keto-lovers have even used the Dash minis for chaffles, fried pickles, and other low-carb foods.

The flower mini waffle maker features one side of the iron that makes the typical waffle texture and the other that features the delicate flower detailing. Right now, this springy appliance is on sale from its typical $14.99 price tag for only $11.99, making it a cheap price for a durable product. With Easter coming up it could even be a great gift to throw into one of your loved ones' baskets. When you give the gift of a waffle maker, that means more waffles for you in the future. Score!

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