"Spy Kids" Star Daryl Sabara Opened Up About His Sobriety And Managing His "Triggers"

Daryl Sabara is opening up about his experience with drugs and alcohol.

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In an interview on the Workin' On It podcast, hosted by his wife, Meghan Trainor, the Spy Kids star explained how "triggers" led him to misuse alcohol and smoke marijuana.

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"[Therapy has been] really helpful for my sober journey because it's figuring out your triggers," he shared. "Like, I'm figuring out that being alone is kind of a trigger for me. I know now that when I'm alone to be ready for the little bastard inside my head to be like, 'Hey buddy, it's just us now, what are we gonna do?' And that's huge to know that it's coming instead of just going straight to booze or weed."

  John Sciulli / Getty Images for WIRED
John Sciulli / Getty Images for WIRED

"That's the other thing too, is I stopped weed as well," he continued. "That was hard for me because there was no repercussions of weed. I had never had a bad experience on weed, it was only great. But one piece of advice that my therapist gave me that was so helpful was, she just said, ‘If you want to be on your A-game, maybe consider full sobriety.’”

  Jb Lacroix / WireImage
Jb Lacroix / WireImage

Although Daryl didn't think his marijuana use had reached a problematic level, he still decided to give it a shot and stop smoking. "That really sparked something in me to go, okay you know what, even though weed isn't necessarily bad for me right now, I don't need to keep testing it out to wait for it to get bad or to get in a bad spot, so let's just try this full sobriety thing."

  Walter Mcbride / WireImage
Walter Mcbride / WireImage

Meghan added that she's been sober along with him, as she's also trying to get pregnant again. They already have a son, Riley, who turns 2 next month.

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You can listen to all they had to say on the podcast here.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, you can call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) and find more resources here.