Darren Barnet and Mikaela Hoover Have A Fated Connection, Astrologists Say

Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images
Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images
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ICYDK: Never Have I Ever's teenage heartthrob Paxton Hall-Yoshida, played by Darren Barnet (who, BTW, is definitely not a teenager) has an IRL girlfriend who’s not co-star Devi Vishwakumar. (Gasp.)

So who’s the lucky lady? It’s none other than his Love Hard co-star Mikaela Hoover.

While it’s unclear when the low profile couple started dating, they made their Instagram debut back in April 2021 when Mikaela shared a Polaroid photo of them for Darren’s birthday. The Suicide Squad actress captioned the post, “You make me happy. Happy Birthday Angel.”

In July 2021, the Never Have I Ever star shared the same photo in honor of Mikaela’s birthday, writing in the caption, “Happy birthday, love. Today is for you.”

The pair then made their red carpet debut in August 2021 for the premiere of The Suicide Squad—Mikaela stars as Camila in the DC movie. They were really packing on the PDA as they posed for various photographs together, too.

While the couple hasn’t posted pictures together since October 2021, it might be a result of the pair wanting to keep their ‘ship private rather than evidence of a split, at least according to astrology.

Mikaela has a Cancer sun while Darren has a Taurus sun, says intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang. “What we see with this compatibility is a fated connection. These two are in each other’s lives to grow, evolve, and support one another into becoming their best selves.”

And while their sun signs make this a strong match, that’s just one of many points of compatibility. Lang analyzed both Darren and Mikaela’s birth charts to determine what astrology has in store for this dynamic duo, and apparently, these two are OTP (that’s one-true pair, btw).

Mars charges Darren and Mikaela’s instant chemistry.

Move over Devi, because Darren and Mikaela’s chemistry is undeniable.

One of the most striking points of their compatibility has to do with Mars (the planet of passion), says Lang. Mars describes the chemistry of a relationship. Darren’s Mars is in Cancer, the same sign as Mikaela’s sun and Venus, showing that there’s an instant romantic connection between these two, Lang notes.

Darren’s Mars also favorably aspects Mikaela’s Mars in Scorpio since both Cancer and Scorpio are water signs. With both of their Mars' ruled by the same element, they share similar likes and needs when it comes to the physical aspects of a relationship, says Lang. As a result, “sparks were probably flying from the get-go.”

Thanks to the Nodes, these two feel right at home with each other.

There’s a deep spiritual connection with this relationship, according to Lang.

Lang shares that South Node (the point in your chart that represents your past life) connections usually show whether a partnership is special or meant to be. “Mikaela’s Sun in Cancer is conjunct Darren’s South Node and Chiron, making this a relationship that heals some of Darren’s trauma or painful experiences from his childhood,” says Lang.

The North Node, however, is our point of purpose (what we’re here to experience). Mikaela’s Pluto (the planet of transformation) is at a pivotal point related to Darren’s North and South Nodes. This aspect shows that she can provide the fuel he needs to live out his destiny, says Lang.

This ‘ship is most likely a comfortable one for them—one where they both want to settle down and feel right at home with one another.

Jupiter explains their common goals and interests.

“I love what Jupiter is doing in their charts,” says Lang.

Mikaela’s Jupiter (the planet of joy and abundance) in Capricorn is in a favorable and harmonious trine aspect with Darren’s Sun in Taurus. This connection shows they can likely accomplish more together than apart, says Lang. They also have similar priorities in terms of their careers and reputations.

Additionally, Darren’s Jupiter in Leo is in conjunction with Mikaela’s Mercury in Leo. This aspect shows that he encourages her to use her voice, says Lang. With this influence, there’s also an ability for these two to have a shared social life.

A defining feature of their ‘ship will also be their efforts to give back as Darren’s Uranus in Capricorn in a favorable sextile aspect with Mikaela’s Mars shows a shared interest in humanitarian efforts, Lang notes. That tracks since the pair took a trip to the Global Wildlife Center, a wildlife conservation non-profit organization, in May 2021, which Mikaela documented on social media.

So there it is folks: Paxton (ahem, Darren) is as swoon-worthy as his NHIE character, and his IRL girlfriend Mikaela is basically his Devi Vishwakumar. (IYKYK.)

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