Dare to Wear: Men’s Cashmere Mini Dress


As clothing becomes more amorphous and less gender specific, lines are blurring. At Hood by Air's FW 2015 runway show in New York this week, male models wore slit dresses down the runway, while Public School showed women wearing men’s trousers. On Sunday, New York-based designer Telfar Clemens had two male models strut the runway in deconstructed cashmere mini-dresses with matching leg-warmers.

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This is nothing new for Telfar, who has long been recognized for his avant-garde designs. In 2010, he fashioned sheer tank tops from plastic bags, and last year he put his male tribe in mini skirts. For his Fall 2015 collection, Telfar continued to play with this notion of gender. The women wore full looks that looked like designer versions of the Orange is the New Black correctional facility garb, meanwhile the men appeared in these light, sweet, fluffy sweater dresses that looked both tough and sensual.


It has been increasingly clear that for the new wave of designers, there are no judgments about what you want to wear or how you want to wear it, which is really quite refreshing. Telfar is not designing for the masses; he’s creating collections that his friends will want to wear. So no, it’s not for everyone, but that’s not really the intention. The truth is, what’s more comfortable than a cashmere dress? Wearing one is like walking around in the softest of blankets—and that’s an experience everyone should have when it’s 5 degrees outside, regardless of gender. 

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