Dapper Duck Wears a Bowtie to Meet His Fish Friends and It's Downright Perfect

What a distinguished gentleman!

Here's your daily cuteness overload! You won't be able to duck (Get it?!) the cuteness overload of this little guy. I'm talking about a pet duck, and not just any old duck, mind you. This dapper dude was sporting a bow tie while he went on a field trip to meet some fishy friends at his local Petsmart.

Watch the following video posted by TikTok user @lilquackerz of their distinguished gentleman duck Pablo having the time of his life. It's just beyond cute.

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He's in a stroller! We are pretty sure we would lose our marbles if we were picking up dog food at our local pet supply store and saw a duck wearing a bowtie in a stroller. @TikTok viewers agree and @Lesleyfox comments, "He looks so dapper with his little tie on!" @Mitch adds, "He's such a handsome boy with that bowtie." @Olivia adds, "This is all I need in life." @Amanda says, "Seeing you in your special bow tie would make me so happy!!" Even @Petsmart commented, "Thanks for visiting Pablo!"

Just remember, if you're ever feeling down or having a bad day, there's a duck out there somewhere wearing a bowtie and trying to make friends with the fish at Petsmart. Just the idea of that should quack you up!

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