Danny MacAskill Wows Crowd With Fun Trick

Danny MacAskill

In what might be the most uncontroversial statement of all time, Danny Macaskill is incredible on a bike. For the past decade, he has been blowing the minds of people around the world.

Apparently, this even includes impressing people in banquet halls! Watch him do a front flip over a physioball on a very tight stage.

In this video, Danny accelerates off a runway and rolls forward bouncing his back off an exercise ball. After completing the front flip, Danny stops on a dime on his back wheel inches from the end of the stage!

How he is able to stop on a dime staying on the rear wheel is beyond impressive. If I were one of the people in the front row, I would have no trust that he would be able to stop before careening through my table. Thankfully for these peoples’ nights, Danny MacAskill has incredible control.

This video demonstrates Danny’s value to the sport of mountain biking. Like the Drop and Roll Tour MacAskill is at an event performing to normal Brits who probably would not find themselves spectating Fort William in the rain.

Danny is bringing an interest in bikes to people of all audiences, and the riding world is better for it.

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