Daniel Craig Is Way Richer Than 007 Himself—Here’s How Much He Makes as James Bond

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Ever since taking on the role of James Bond, Daniel Craig‘s net worth has continued to skyrocket—but his increasing net worth isn’t just thanks to playing 007.

In 2021, Craig was named Hollywood’s highest-paid actor in a report by StyleCaster’s sister site, Variety. While Craig has made most of his money throughout the years from his starring role in the James Bond film franchise, it was actually his involvement in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out series that put him over the top for the title of the highest-paid actor at the time. But how much was Craig being paid, exactly?

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For everything there is to know about Daniel Craig’s net worth—from how much he’s earned from playing James Bond to his Knives Out and No Time to Die salary—just keep on reading below.

What is Daniel Craig’s Knives Out salary?

Daniel Craig has starred in the Knives Out franchise since the first film in 2019. In the series, Craig plays detective Benoit Blanc—otherwise known as “The Last of the Gentlemen Sleuths.” The actor is set to star in the franchise’s upcoming sequels, in which his character detective Blanc is expected to star as the sole protagonist.

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While it’s unclear just how much Craig made for his appearance in the first installment of the Knives Out franchise, Variety reports that he’s earning over $100 million for the second and third films in the murder mystery series. According to the site, Netflix landed on this hefty deal to account for the projected back-end earnings an actor would typically make from a film’s box office sales if it were to be released normally in theaters.

What is Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die salary?

No Time to Die marks Daniel Craig’s fifth and final appearance as James Bond. The actor, who has starred as the famed super spy since 2006’s Casine Royale, has called his 15-year career as 007 one of the “greatest honors” of his life.

“A lot of people here worked on five pictures with me, and I know there’s a lot of things said about what I think about these films,” he said after filming his final scene in the franchise. “But I’ve loved every single second of these movies, and especially this one because I’ve got up every morning and I’ve had the chance to work with you guys. And that has been one of the greatest honors of my life.”

After well over a decade of being Bond, Daniel Craig’s salary for No Time to Die was undoubtedly an impressive one. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor took home a base salary of $25 million for the film. This amount doesn’t even account for his bonuses following the film’s box office sales, which could make his final earnings from No Time to Die amount to millions more.

How much has Daniel Craig made from playing James Bond?

We all had to start somewhere, and for Daniel Craig, that meant taking home a salary that once paled in comparison to his final paycheck for the franchise. For 2006’s Casino Royale, Craig earned $3.2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He saw a small pay bump for his 2008 follow-up, Quantum of Space at $7.2 million.

It wasn’t until 2012’s Skyfall that Craig really began to bring home the big bucks. For his third appearance as Bond, the actor reportedly received a $17 million base salary, plus $3 million in box office bonuses, bringing his total Skyfall earnings to around $20 million. In 2015, Craig received a pay bump once again, earning $25 million as a base and negotiating an extra $5 million in back-end bonuses for a total of $30 million.

Given that Craig is also reportedly receiving a $25 million base salary for No Time to Die, this brings his overall earnings from the Bond franchise to an estimated $85.4 million. Keep in mind, however, that this before any additional bonuses and royalties from his final appearance in the Bond series, which means his total earnings are likely set to be millions more.

How much is Daniel Craig’s net worth in 2021?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Daniel Craig’s net worth is $160 million as of 2021. His earnings come from not only his well-known appearances in the James Bond franchise, but also from his roles in other projects throughout the years. These include 2007’s The Invasion, 2008’s Defiance, 2011’s Cowboys And Aliens, his 2017 role in Kings opposite Halle Berry and Netflix’s Knives Out series, among others.

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