Danica McKellar Starring in New Christmas Movie for Great American Family (Exclusive)

A Royal Date for Christmas

There's no shortage of Christmas movies but it seems fans of the popular holiday rom-com are always looking for more. Great American Family is happy to oblige with 20 new original holiday movies, including a few great rom-coms, in the network's 2023 Great American Christmas lineup.

Danica McKellar, who starred in the fan favorite movie, A Crown for Christmas, will star in another regal holiday movie—A Royal Date for Christmas—this time for Great American Family, and Parade.com has your first look!

The longtime Hallmark Channel star who made the switch to Great American Family in 2021 tells Parade she "can't wait to share this fun, romantic and life-affirming story with everyone this Christmas season!"

Here's what we know so far about A Royal Date for Christmas.

What is A Royal Date for Christmas about?

In A Royal Date for Christmas, Bella Sparks (McKellar), owner of Bella Sparks Couture, takes on a demanding new client named Stefan (Damon Runyan) who needs to be outfitted for a week of high stakes meetings and events after his luggage goes missing.

Imagine Bella’s reaction when she accidentally discovers Stefan is actually Stefan William Francis Brown, the Duke of Tangford.

"During her boutique's busiest season, my character Bella is hired to be a newly single Duke's stylist and official plus one the week leading up to Christmas," McKellar says. "She takes the job against her better judgement—this is a crucial time for her business. But there's something about Duke's unexpectedly tender heart that makes his request irresistible to her.

"I love this movie and how it asks the question, 'Are real-life fairy tales still possible?'"

And although the Duke has been recently hurt and Bella doesn't believe Prince Charmings exist, throughout the week they find ways to heal each other and find a fairytale romance against the backdrop of Christmas.

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Meet the cast of A Royal Date for Christmas

Pictured: Damon Runyan, Danica McKellar<p>Courtesy of Great American Family</p>
Pictured: Damon Runyan, Danica McKellar

Courtesy of Great American Family

Danica McKellar (Bella)

McKellar has starred in dozens of movies for Hallmark Channel and Great American Family combined. The former Wonder Years star has a head for mathematics and has authored several children's book on the subject and also has a theorem named after her!

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Damon Runyan (Stefan)

Runyan has starred in several holiday films including A Christmas in Washington and A Starry Christmas. He has also made appearances on Suits and Star Trek: Discovery.

When does production begin on A Royal Date for Christmas?

Production on A Royal Date for Christmas began earlier in the summer and has since wrapped.

Where did A Royal Date for Christmas film?

A Royal Date for Christmas filmed in and around North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

When does A Royal Date for Christmas premiere?

A Royal Date for Christmas will premiere on Saturday, Nov. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on Great American Family.

Where can I watch A Royal Date for Christmas?

A Royal Date for Christmas will premiere exclusively in the U.S. on Great American Family. Check your cable/satellite provider or text CHRISTMAS to 877-999-1225 to find Great American Family in your area. You can also stream Great American Family as well as Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, UPtv and more with a subscription on Frndly.com.

Does Parade have a first look at A Royal Date for Christmas?

We sure do! Check out this Parade exclusive sneak peek of A Royal Date for Christmas below and look for another bonus sneak peek further down!

See Pics from A Royal Date for Christmas

Check out these pictures from the Great American Family's original movie A Royal Date for Christmas about a boutique owner who outfits a prince—and finds her Prince Charming along the way.

<p><em><strong>A Royal Date for Christmas</strong></em></p><p>Courtesy of Great American Family</p>

A Royal Date for Christmas

Courtesy of Great American Family

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