Dani and Griffin Get Closer as Duke Battles with PTSD on the Next 'County Rescue'

How are you enjoying County Rescue so far? We're at the halfway mark for the first season as there are only five episodes, but let's hope the show gets picked up for at least a second season.

In last week's episode, Dani (Julia Reilly) got to know the two other probationary EMTs and ended up making a grave mistake on her first shift. Tim (Riley Hough) and Dani were committed to outworking Griffin (Keller Fornes) so he would not get the job, but after Dani got to know Griffin better, her feelings toward him began to change and he invites her to do something after work so they can get to know each other better. Duke (Percy Bell) started having nightmares and has been keeping secrets about his alcohol use at work while Marcos (Angel Luis) tried to reassure Duke’s wife. No one on the team knows Chief Scotty (Tim Perez-Ross) is keeping a secret leaderboard to keep track of which rookie is in the lead for the open job.

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In this week's episode, Dani accompanies Griffin to a club though she tells him she doesn’t want to get involved romantically due to the team’s rule of dating within the unit. Tim finds out and wants to confront Dani and discovers her kissing Griffin instead. Duke’s life is still spinning as he battles his PTSD and Tiffany (Curtia Tobert) finds a flask in Duke's duffel bag while doing laundry. Worried, Tiffany calls Marcos for help. Andy (Brett Varvel) and Tim work a Colton Dixon concert that ends up having Tim be in the right place at the right time to be a hometown hero.

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Take a look at this Parade exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episode of County Rescue and check out select images in the gallery below. New episodes of County Rescue premiere on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Great American Family and are available to stream the Friday before on Great American Pureflix.

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