'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Went Off About One of Tom Bergeron’s Latest Tweets

Kayla Keegan
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From Good Housekeeping

  • Dancing With the Stars season 29 kicks off on Monday, September 14.

  • This July, ABC parted ways with longtime co-hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

  • After seeing a recent promotional photo featuring Tyra Banks, the show's new solo host and executive producer, Tom posted his own version of the pic on Twitter.

Clearly, Tom Bergeron is still checking in on Dancing With the Stars.

Even though the 65-year-old was essentially let go from the ABC show this summer after 15 years, the former DWTS co-host has been tweeting here and there about the upcoming season. Most recently, after seeing a new promotional poster for season 29, which features new host and executive producer Tyra Banks donning Mirrorball trophy-inspired lips, Tom decided to recreate the image himself.

For comparison, here's what the original looked like with Tyra:

And here's Tom's version of the photo, using what appears to be a miniature version of the Mirrorball trophy:

"This Just In: National Association of Lip Safety cautions against applying multiple small mirrors on mouth. One bad chew and it’s 7 years of bad luck," he tweeted alongside the photo.

Not surprisingly, there were mixed reactions to Tom's picture. Some outlets claimed that Tom was "mocking" and "shading" Tyra's poster. Others simply saw it as Tom having a little harmless fun online ... even if it was a wee bit shady. "I love your humor and wit, not afraid to throw those zingers when needed !!," one fan tweeted in part. "Gahhh I freaking love you! In a platonic, goofy uncle, wisecracking friendly neighbor sort-of-way. Miss you TB," another declared.

Meanwhile, a good handful of Tom's followers still seemed upset at ABC's decision to replace both him and his co-host Erin Andrews with Tyra. "I will miss you so much! The show will never be the same(and as good) without you," one fan wrote to Tom. "I like Tyra, but I love you more. ABC did you and Erin wrong and for that I will not watch DWTS anymore. Thanks for all the years you entertained us!" a different fan tweeted.

This isn't the first time Tom has alluded to his former gig at Dancing With the Stars since announcing his departure on July 13. Right after the news broke that Tyra would be the new host, he joked on Twitter that he wouldn't be "getting back his monogrammed towels" from the show, referencing his and Tyra's shared initials. What's more, he also changed his Twitter bio to read "Former Co-Host of 'Footwork With the Famous.'"

Of course, if you've watched Tom on Dancing With the Stars for years, you know this is exactly his type of humor. While it's clear he already misses the dance competition show, we're sure Tom will be just as beloved wherever he ends up next. And as for Tyra, we know she's going to be fabulous as the new host.

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